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Brachydanio rerio
Zebra fish, Zebra danio
breeding notes

BREEDING: Like all Danios, the zebra fish is an egg scatterer. Its eggs are large and easy to raise. The best technique is to spawn over marbles; eggs are laid in early morning, the parents should then be removed, and the eggs collected, hatching after 2-3 dayws

Have you bred Brachydanio rerio? Why not fill in a breeding questionaire?

This page summarises breeding reports provided by visitors to this site, along with some statistical analysis. Please feel free to contribute - whatever your experience!

3 breeders have filled in breeding reports, a summary of the results are shown in the graphs below. You can read the full reports here.

To add details of your experiences of Brachydanio rerio, why not fill in a Breeding and maintenance Report.

Would Brachydanio rerio be a good addition to a community tank?
  1. Never
  2. Doubtful, only with VERY calm fish
  3. Only with species of similar size
  4. Yes, a good community fish

How would you describe the disposition of Brachydanio rerio?
  1. Very timid
  2. Slightly timid
  3. Neutral
  4. Somewhat aggresive on occasions
  5. Very aggressive

In which water conditions do you keep these fish?
  1. Very soft and acidic
  2. Moderately soft and acidic
  3. Neutral
  4. Moderately hard and alkaline
  5. Very hard and alkaline

At what average temperature?
  1. 10-15°C
  2. 16-19°C
  3. 20-23°C
  4. 24-27°C
  5. 28°C+

What, if any is the biggest difficulty encountered when breeding these fish?
  1. Poor egg production
  2. Poor egg survival
  3. Poor fry survival rate
  4. Deformities
  5. Skewed sex ratio

How would you describe sex ratios when breeding Brachydanio rerio? If you are unsure please leave this question unanswered.
  1. Almost all males
  2. Somewhat male heavy
  3. Roughly equal
  4. Somewhat female heavy
  5. Almost all females

In general, how difficult is Brachydanio rerio to keep and breed?
  1. Very easy
  2. Easy
  3. Average
  4. Difficult
  5. Very difficult

How sucessful have you been at breeding Brachydanio rerio?
  1. Very unsucessful
  2. Fairly unsucessful
  3. Average
  4. Fairly sucessful
  5. Very sucessful

Remember, each record represents only one persons experience; if you had different results, or used different methods, please share your experiences

Water conditions: Neutral Water temperature: 24-27oC
Disposition: Community tank?: Yes, a good community fish
Spawning Method: Adult fish removed from tankBreeding problems:
Poor egg production
Sex ratio: Roughly equalBreeding difficulty: Average
Sucess: AverageYears Experience: 1
Other Comments:
Date this record created: 6th January 2012Breeding date: 2011
Breeder: Location:

Water conditions: Moderately soft and acidic Water temperature: 24-27oC
Disposition: Active, but not aggresive Community tank?: Yes, a good community fish
Spawning Method: Peat (or similar) spawning substrateBreeding problems:
Poor fry survival rate
Sex ratio: Roughly equalBreeding difficulty: Very easy
Sucess: Very sucessfulYears Experience: 2
Other Comments: Using a mesh helps as spawned eggs are not adhesive. A bare bottom helps with maintenance. Baby brine shrimp is not suitable for newly hatched fry, at least for the first two weeks or so. Egg yolk did not help either. Infusoria should be introduced (Keeping a dense bulk of java moss and using water from main tank for water replacement seems to work though). Once 6 weeks old, fry are almost as hardy as adults.
Date this record created: 3rd March 2011Breeding date: 2010
Breeder: CeyhunLocation: Istanbul

Water conditions: Moderately hard and alkaline Water temperature: 24-27oC
Disposition: Active, but not aggresive Community tank?: Yes, a good community fish
Spawning Method: Adult fish removed from tankBreeding problems:
Sex ratio: Somewhat female heavyBreeding difficulty: Easy
Sucess: AverageYears Experience: 4
Other Comments: My first zebra fish breeding was accidental; A group of 6 fish was kept in an 18" tank, with just a filter and a gravel base. The tank was going to be closed down, so the fish were moved, and the filter and heating were turned off. A few days later, when it came time to strip the tank down, I spotted a large number of fry. Unfortunately a good number of these had deformities (bent spines mostly) which I put down to being kept too cool, though it may actually have been due to insufficient oxygen
Date this record created: 6th January 2008Breeding date: 1995
Breeder: Location: UK

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Fishkeeping Facts and Tips

Vegetarian fish Some catfish have a largely vegetarian diet; feed them potato, lettuce, cucumber or blanched peas. Some of these will have to be weighted down, or held in place with a commercially available 'lettuce grip'. As with all fish, do not over feed; remove uneaten vegetable matter after a couple days

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