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Tropical fish breeding

Visitors to this site are encouraged to add data to the breeders database, by filling out a species breeding questionaire. This can be done for any fish they have bred (or tried and failed to breed!). In time, with some statistical analysis a picture of how to breed each fish most effectively will emerge. Please feel free to contribute - whatever your experience!

To fill out a questionaire, go to the profile of the species concerned, and click the 'breeding report' tab.

Below are some of the latest species to have a questionaire answered.

Epiplatys annulatusEpiplatys annulatus Rocket panchax
I kept a pair of Epiplatys annulatus in a very well planted paludarium, with regular feedings of drosophila, and not a lot else. Some fry did appear, and no doubt more would have survived with extr......

Poecilia sphenopsPoecilia sphenops Molly
We have a pair in our community tank - fry appear with some regularity, but quite a few disappear - maybe eaten by other fish? Not a big problem, I guess the toughest/fastest survive!...

Puntius titteyaPuntius titteya Cherry barb

Nanochromis transvestitusNanochromis transvestitus Mai-Ndombe dwarf cichlid

Anostomus anostomusAnostomus anostomus Striped headstander

Corydoras haraldschultziCorydoras haraldschultzi Mosaic corydoras

Pelvicachromis taeniatusPelvicachromis taeniatus

Aulonocara jacobfreibergiAulonocara jacobfreibergi Freiberg's Peacock Cichlid

Limia nigrofasciataLimia nigrofasciata Black striped limia

Hemigrammus caudovittatusHemigrammus caudovittatus Buenos Aires Tetra

Synodontis nigriventrisSynodontis nigriventris Upside-down catfish
Easy to keep but hard to trigger spawns reliably, small egg counts and poor hatch rate....

Nannacara anomalaNannacara anomala Golden dwarf acara
Nannacara anomala spawn routinely in the community tank. However, if left unchecked, the fry will be eaten by other fish, specially when the mother is young. I'd suggest raising the fry in a sepa......

Nothobranchius guentheriNothobranchius guentheri
We have a lone male Guntheri and he is in a community tank along wtih Danios, Endlers and Guppies. He is extremely aggressive and was viciously attacking the other fish. He was introduced to the ......

Limia melanogasterLimia melanogaster Blackbelly Limia

Scatophagus argusScatophagus argus Spotted scat
In India, Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculure, chennai has successfully bred Scatophagus argus through hormonal manipulation and juveniles produced. For breeding purpose the fish has to b......

Tilapia jokaTilapia joka
Need calm & room to breed in a community tank. Long & intensive parental care results in continuous pressure on tankmates (in a 1000 liters tank!). They also need big caves (always spawned in caves......

Colisa laliaColisa lalia Dwarf Gourami

Scleromystax barbatusScleromystax barbatus Bearded catfish
Make sure you feed them (the parents) a variety of foods, they love sinking pellets but need some live foods (freezer) as well. When the eggs are laid the parents wont touch them but other fish w......

Neolebias ansorgiiNeolebias ansorgii
I've kept this species at various times during the 40 or so years that I've kept tropical fish. My early attempts involved breeding individual pairs in small 2-3 gallon tanks with very soft (rainw......

Neolamprologus leleupiNeolamprologus leleupi Lemon cichlid

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Fishkeeping Facts and Tips

A shoal of tetras? A well-planted Amazon tank with a large shoal of neon tetras looks amazing. The bright neon blue and red against a green leafy background has got to be one of the best combinations in fishkeeping. It is no wonder that these are one of the most popular aquarium species. But as with all shoaling species, tetras need to be kept in a group to be happy. The larger the better (without overstocking your tank). Six individuals is usually seen as the absolute minimum in a shoal, but more is better. The effect of a large tank with a shoal of 30-40 neon or cardinal tetras is simply stunning

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